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We believe that everyone is given the innate potential to move towards wholeness and life. When given the right support, healed wounds hold a wellspring of life, from whence strength, resilience and freedom shall flow.


"Healed wounds, from whence life flows."
- Living Stream Therapy, Training and Consultancy 


We offer specialized training programs for mental health professionals to build capabilities in creative arts and somatic-based approaches for trauma prevention & healing and resilience building.


Through our subsidized training scheme, a number of spaces in each training shall be set aside for mental health professionals from the less funded NGOs in the Southeast Asia region. 



For more information on the subsidized training scheme, please contact us at


Therapy Service

We partner with selected community partners to provide subsidized therapy services for those who have difficulty accessing these services. 


Open Art Therapy Studio

We organize Open Art Therapy Studio sessions to promote building of resilience through creativity in the community.

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