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SE Professional Training

Singapore's very first cohort of Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Professional Training (2019 - 2022) students graduated in October this year!

After a successful full run of the program in Singapore, we are pleased to announce that registration for the SE Beginning I/II is now open. 

For a taster, we will be organising an Introduction to Somatic Experiencing workshop over zoom.



Terence, Senior Therapist

The SE training has really helped me greatly - personally and in my own practice. It has really deepened a lot of the work that I do with my clients and also deepened the relationship that I have with them, which is a very important part of my practice.

Veron, Therapist (based in HK)

I am very enriched by the whole experience. It blows my mind when I learned how we can facilitate the healing of trauma through our nervous system. The whole process of healing is gentle, grounded, stable and holistic. I now work with my clients in a more connected manner.

Rachel, Deputy Director

I'm really grateful to attend the somatic experiencing in Singapore. I myself really benefited from whatever that I learned. I noticed that I am more aware of how I'm living in my body, and how my body can further be healed and come to wholeness. So I really recommend this training; not only as social workers that we can use this to bless our clients, but also our own life and our relationship can be blessed.

Michelle, Mental Health Counsellor (based in Japan)

This SE programme has really been life changing. This work is about exploration. And we don't feel safe to explore unless we have this deep connection to community. The facilitators and the organisers are all interested in creating a safe environment for us to be able to connect into ourselves, which allows us then to take this work and be able to share it with other people.

Jessica, Pastoral Worker

My sensitivity and my awareness towards self and others has been enhanced. So when I use the tools for my ministries, whether in schools or with the working adults, I find that it helps them to also gain a lot of sensing into themselves, and an amazing awareness of themselves.

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