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Introductory Workshop on Somatic Experiencing® - 8 March 2019

Somatic Experiencing® psychological trauma resolution is an integrative approach to trauma healing, resolution and prevention. Developed by Dr Peter A. Levine, Somatic experiencing ®is an integrative approach that taps on the innate ability of our nervous system to reorganize and restore balance and wholeness after a traumatic incident.

This introductory workshop is conducted Maggie Kline, LMFT, School psychologist and Somatic Experiencing International Senior Faculty Member. Maggie, who taught widely in US, UK, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, also co-authored with Dr Peter A. Levine 'Trauma through a Child's Eyes' and 'Trauma Proofing your Kids'.

To find out more about this workshop, please email us at:

* For participants who signed up for the 3-day 'Trauma Through a Child's Eyes' workshop, this introductory workshop is a pre-requisite for those with no prior training in Somatic Experiencing™ .

* Registration is closed due to overwhelming response. Thank you for your interest!

* If you wish to join our mailing list for future training, please send us an email at

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